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Artist Statement

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Artist statement: Brandon Larsen

Myth,dreams, and memory are key componets in the thematic content of this body of work. the nature of the previously mentioned is that of sadness,nostalgia,death, and rebirth. These forces come to play in the creation of  the images. The works have been created useing many years of photographic source imagery that I have created; these sources have been combined into new compositions altering the orginal images tocreate new myths,dreams, and memories.

The images are created useing photo editing software with hard and digital media which lends itself to the falseness of memory and the creation of mythology.The end result is imagery that has a dream like ethereal quality. These works create a new representational space in which unlikely events are possible.

Memories, Myth, Nostalgia
works by Brandon and Jennifer Larsen
February 13 – March 20
Percolator Lawrence, ks

new works will be uploaded regularly!